• Experienced and Trusted Manufacturing Representative

    Datacom Sales & Associates has been a partner to industry-leading companies for more than 30 years.

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  • Guaranteed to deliver unique, quality communication solutions to our clients

    Datacom Sales & Associates professionally represents the latest products and innovative solutions in structured cabling and security solutions.

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  • Ensuring your communications and technology solution delivers as promised

    We believe there is no replacement for personalized service, principled commitment and creatively designed and innovative solutions that completely satisfy our client’s goals.

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Datacom Sales & Associates has serviced customers for 30 years throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana area.



Our expertise is providing a complete, end-to-end communications and security solutions services to maximize our client’s goals.



Datacom Sales & Associates Represented Manufacturers Delivering End-To-End Communications And Security Solutions And Service



Datacom Sales & Associates

Datacom Sales and Associates, Inc. has been a trusted, manufacturing representative and partner to industry-leading companies for more that 20 years.

Our expertise and experience in providing a complete, end-to-end communications and security solutions services allows us to maximize our client’s performance and tailor each solution to fit their unique business needs. In addition, the synergistic capabilities of our represented product lines offer unique application options as well as independent solutions as the market requires.

Effective communications, technical expertise and the ability to deliver a guaranteed quality solution to our clients form the foundation of our business at Datacom Sales and Associates. Our approach is to professionally represent the latest products and innovative solutions in the structured cabling and security solutions industry among leading distributors, integrator, consultants and quality, end-users through our targeted markets.

Datacom Sales & Associates Represented Manufacturers

Hubbell – Complete End to End Copper and Fiber Optic Solutions for Your Network. Allow us to help you select and facilitate Your Network Requirements and Exceed Your Expectations.

APC – Power Distribution Units, Un-Interrupted Power Supplies, Racks, Cabinets and Cable Management for Total Control of Your Network.

Specified Technologies Incorporated is an industry leader in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases.

Sumitomo Electric Light Wave – Fiber Optic Cable Splicers and Spice on Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable for Your Single-mode and Multi-mode Installation and Maintenance. Single Fiber as well as Ribbon Fiber Applications

Basor – Cable Basket Tray and Accessories for Your Cable Pathways and Management

Lynn Electronics – US-based factories that create custom copper and fiber optic patch cables and custom assemblies to power information technology across the globe.

ProLabs is focused on innovations in optical transport and connectivity. The combination of our knowledge of optics and networking equipment enables ProLabs to be your single source for optical transport and connectivity solutions from 100Mb to 100G while providing innovative solutions that increase network efficiency.

TiniFiber® is a U.S. Patented and Award Winning innovation that is a quality fiber optic cable built around the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) stainless steel Micro Armor Fiber™ for protection, durability, bendability and ruggedness.

Ganz a CBC America Company has delivered reliable security solutions to the retail, education, healthcare, government, transportation, gaming, casino, and financial industries. HALO IOT Smart Sensor capable of Vape, Smoke, THC and Sound Abnormalities.

ZKTeco Access Control Solutions for One to Thousands of Doors including PIN, Card, RFID, Long Range Readers and Biometric Interfaces including Facial, Fingerprint, Palm or combinations with Temperature.

Trinity – A cost effective, accurate life-saving method to facilitate instant, multi level, comprehensive communications in the event of an active shooter incident.

Proactive – This innovative data storage solution is changing the face of security surveillance data. No longer will companies worry about their security system’s data due to lack of space.

Circa Telecom focuses on surge protection equipment for the telecommunications industry while the CircaMax brand (formerly Alberta Computer Cables) handles cabling and connectivity.

Guardian’s tough and rugged phones, systems, enclosures and IP telecommunications equipment are certified specifically for the industrial and commercial markets.

PureNet is a reliable, high-performance communications cable designed for CAT 5e, CAT 6 and 6A network applications. All PureNet products are verified and listed by UL