Data Center Technology

The data Center is a critical asset of today’s and tomorrow’s information-intensive enterprise. Datacom sales and their partners will assist in improving space utilization, reducing onsite labor costs, reduce start- up costs, and provide assistance in designing a reliable cabling infrastructure.

A properly designed infrastructure will maintain network up-time and security, provide operational efficiency, support future technology and sustain regulatory changes. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the integration of information technology and facility management disciplines to centralize monitoring, management and capacity planning of a data center’s critical systems.

Infrastructure design and implementations can affect long-term reliability and total cost of ownership. Designing simple features into the infrastructure will dramatically improve data center performance parameters such as: air flow, response time, administration, space utilization, security, and aesthetics.

APC Schneider, Basor, Viavi, Hubbell, ProLabs, ZK Teco, Dahua, Proactive, STI, Lynn Electronics and America Ilsintech.
Pro Labs: 

Network Security Solutions

APC Schneider Electric

APC provides complete data center solutions from the UPS support to the racks and cabinets and the power support at the rack. APC provides excellent solution for cabinets and cooling, including hot or cold aisle containment. APC  offers the most complete solutions for DCIM in the industry to support the entire data center facility.

Basor Electric

Basor provides a complete cable tray and cable management solution for the data center, with the most cost effective basket tray solutions in the industry.

Premise Solutions

Hubbell Premise solutions:  With a full system solution for copper and fiber, as well as cable delivery. Hubbell provides a complete end-to-end solution specially designed for the data center environment.


Prolabs provides a complete offering of data center interconnection needs. The leading provider of third party connectivity for DAC/AOC connectivity. Providing a complete warranted solution set of SFP connections for all data center designs, including interoperability with multiple providers.

Access Control

ZKTeco provides access control, crucial to a secure data center. ZK is the leading manufacturer of biometric access control as well as metal detectors and turnstiles, providing multi-layer access solutions to secure the data center facilities.

Security Solutions for Retail Education, Healthcare, Government, etc.

Ganz a CBC America Company has delivered reliable security solutions to the retail, education, healthcare, government, transportation, gaming, casino, and financial industries. HALO IOT Smart Sensor capable of Vape, Smoke, THC and Sound Abnormalities.

Video Surveillance Storage

ProActive video secures and stores surveillance video to assure ability to retrieve needed video for up to 3 years.

Fire Stoppage Solutions for Data Centers

STI provides the best solution for re-enterable firestopping solutions, providing the best cost of ownership for the data center which has the constantly changing environment.

Custom copper and fiber patch cords for data centers

Lynn Electronics provide American manufactured standard and custom copper and fiber patch cords for the data center environment.

Cable Splicers for Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Cable Splicers and Spice on Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable for Your Single-mode and Multi-mode Installation and Maintenance. Single Fiber as well as Ribbon Fiber Applications