Security Integration, Access Control Technology and Automation Solutions

Keeping businesses safe and secure through customized and managed security systems, access control surveillance equipment and centralized monitoring and automation is key to protecting assets and personnel. Datacom Sales and Associates provides expert knowledge and personalized expertise to bring the right level of technology, equipment and capabilities to fruition for businesses.

Choosing Your Business Security Solutions are Our Main Focus

With the variety of available platforms for video surveillance and access control systems for single-entry point, or for multiple entry points, Datacom Sales and Associates’ aim is to be your security solutions provider and help businesses prioritize the needed investment in equipment and technology, assess the benefits and capabilities and serve as your trusted security partner throughout the process.

Our main goals include providing matched security performance and functionality to your business needs and requirements. This includes prioritizing equipment selection, determining compliance with software and hardware, web accessibility, evaluating software solutions, automation, energy consumption, necessary building requirements and overall usability and convenience.

Additional Physical security solutions:

Turnstiles, Metal Detectors and Biometric readers

Network Security Solutions

Video Management Systems, Software

Optical Technologies

Optical Security and Performance Products help service providers and IT organizations optimize and maintain many of the world’s largest and most complex networks.


IP Network Security Cameras

Providing end-to-end security surveillance solutions deliver simple usability that’s as impressive as their powerful capabilities, delivering high-performance, easy-to-deploy solutions a cutting edge access control solution, a broad range of IP network security cameras for any environment, and network video recorders for analog and IP systems.


Network Hardware Accessories

Additional system components enhance the functionality and ease-of-use of an installation. In some instances, they are a small, but critical components to ensure your system is running smoothly. Datacom Sales & Associates represents offers high-performance hardware accessories to help your system continuously deliver. Additional Physical security solutions: Turnstiles;  Metal Detectors, Biometric readers.

CCTV Data Storage and Monitoring

Video Archive and Storage Solutions

Proactive Data Storage & Monitoring never wants you to explain that you don’t have your clients video footage.  Avoid the overwrite and backup cameras today.

Gun Shot Detection


Trinity – A cost effective, accurate life-saving method to facilitate instant, multi level, comprehensive communications in the event of an active shooter incident.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies


CyberPower has UPS Systems for Telco or Data Communications, PDU,s, Surge Protectors, Server Racks and Cabinets. Whether you need something for your network closet, data cen-ter or the perfect solution for your office.

Safety and Security phone sets and systems.

Weather and Vandal Resistant Telephones

Guardian’s tough and rugged phones, systems, enclosures and IP telecommunications equipment are certified specifically for the industrial and commercial markets.

Security Solutions


Ganz a CBC America Company has delivered reliable security solutions to the retail, education, healthcare, government, transportation, gaming, casino, and financial industries. HALO IOT Smart Sensor capable of Vape, Smoke, THC and Sound Abnormalities.


ZKTeco – Access Control Solutions for One to Thousands of Doors including PIN, Card, RFID, Long Range Readers and Biometric Interfaces including Facial, Fingerprint, and Palm or combinations with Temperature and Mask Detection. Providing entry solutions such as Metal Detectors, Turnstiles, and Baggage X-Ray.


Active Shooter Communication and Incident

Trinity – A cost effective, accurate life-saving method to facilitate instant, multi level, comprehensive communications in the event of an active shooter incident.


High performance communications cable

PureNet is a reliable, high-performance communications cable designed for CAT 5e, CAT 6 and 6A network applications. All PureNet products are verified and listed by UL

Wireless VoIP and Wifi Infrastructure


Teletics – Manufacturer of fully monitored wireless VoIP and Wifi infrastructure for explosive and corrosive industrial environments.